My Skills

Here are some things I can do.


Jekyll Themes

  • Build a new Jekyll theme from a single-page web template written in HTML5, Sass, and JavaScript
  • Design an intuitive, well-documented API for building a homepage with this theme
  • Extend the web template to multiple pages to meet Jekyll users’ blogging needs
  • Favor universal access by changing banner image content from CSS background-image to <img> tags with alt text, scaled with object-fit
  • Make SEO easy by piping users’ config variables to meta tags with Liquid templating


  • Migrate a single-page app’s client-side routing from React Router 3 to 4
  • Follow best practices in React with views in a component hierarchy where data flows down
  • Take full advantage of React before carefully adding Redux

Full Stack


  • Implement the Model-View-Controller pattern in a full-stack web app
  • Design an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to describe database structure
  • Use a DAO interface to send prepared statements to a PostgreSQL database

Google, Udacity

  • Win a scholarship (Jan. to April 2018) to learn full stack mobile-first development techniques and patterns (such as offline-first for slow connections)


  • Deploy WordPress manually to Heroku and connect it to an Amazon RDS instance running MySQL. (I later switched to GreenGeeks because Heroku’s ephemeral file system isn’t best suited for WordPress.)
  • Configure SSL between the database and Heroku with keys and passwords stored in Heroku Config Variables
  • Deploy WordPress using a hosting provider such as GreenGeeks

Object-oriented Programming

  • I work equally well with class-based inheritance (e.g., Java) and JavaScript’s prototypal inheritance.
  • I know how ES6’s illusion of class-based inheritance works under the hood.
  • I can build a car from scratch with Java classes and interfaces:

Demo: Command-line Car


I make myself more productive with code

I did a 12-week batch at the Recurse Center, writing code full-time

Well-rounded formal education:

Online coursework:

I spend hundreds of hours doing hands-on projects from online courses and books